Class A Barber:  A professional skill set. After licensure, one can perform the services of cutting and dressing hair, shaving, and trimming beard, especially on men. Your barber training will include theory and practical techniques. You can also train on the shop floor, get hands-on practice, and build your confidence as you cut clients’ hair. With our 1,000-hour program,


  • Haircutting and hairstyling
  • Chemical work (including coloring and perms)
  • Men’s shaving and grooming
  • Basic skin and grooming
  • Basic skincare
  • Hairpiece design, fitting, and maintenance
  • Business management
  • The history of barbering
  • And much more

Class A barber to cosmetology operators:  This 300-hour cross-over program for class A barber is to acquire more cosmetology knowledge to perform cosmetology services.

Cosmetology operator to class A barber:  This 300-hour cross-over program for a cosmetology operator to acquire more barbering knowledge to perform barber services.